Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of public-private partnership provides legal conditions of public-private partnership, its methods of implementation and governs the public relations arising in the course of preparation and project implementation of public-private partnership, conclusion, execution and termination of the contract of public-private partnership.

Core principles of PPP are:

- building relationship between public partner and private partner by means of concluding the Public-private partnership agreement;

- medium-term or long-term of public-private partnership project implementation (from three to thirteen years, depending on public-private partnership project design features);

- joint participation of public and private partners in implementation of public-private partnership project;

- pooling of resources of public and private partners in order to implement the public-private partnership project.

Hereby we introduce some legal rules, regulating implementation of public-private partnership projects in the Republic of Kazakhstan.   

  1. Budgetary code of the Republic of Kazakhstan 
  2. Civil Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  3. Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  4. Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Concessions”
  5. Law of PPP of the Republic of Kazakhstan

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